TU UWE PhD Colloquium

3 July 2021

Management Session 1 3:00pm-5:00pm


University Student's Name Topic
Taylor's University Md Shamirul Islam High involvement working systems, human capital, and employee well-being: Evidence from banking industry
Taylor's University Madiha Fuad Accountancy graduate work-readiness: Aligning the mismatch between university curriculum and industry expectations in a gig economy
Taylor's University Cliftton Baba Anak Nyepit Determinants of reversed gender gap in higher education and its implications on human capital

Management Session 2


University Student's Name Topic
Taylor's University Nadia Binti Mazlan The antecedents and relationships for perceptions and motivations for healthy eating: A study on the netizens
University of the West of England Bristol Giang Nguyen An empirical investigation of the adoption of supply chain 4.0 in the Vietnamese manufacturing firms
Taylor's University Arliza Binti Abdullah Transgenerational succession and innovation process: Women-owned family businesses in Malaysia.
Taylor's University Nurul Fadzlyn The role of corporate governance and communication on the sustainability of Malaysian non-governmental organisations (NGOs): A case of elderly care centres

Law Session


University Student's Name Topic
Taylor's University Rushmila Bintay Rafique Managing the risk of fraud in letter of credit transactions under the laws of the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Bangladesh: With special focus on the UCP 600 and the fraud exception rule
Taylor's University Josephine Bhavani Rajendra Evaluating the role of artificial intelligence and the future of the legal profession: Impact and challenges of artificial intelligence application in legal practice
University of the West of England Bristol Noah Izoukumor Nigeria’s legal responses to climate change obligations

The joint-PhD Colloquium is organised by Faculty of Business and Law, Taylor’s University and Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England Bristol in July 2021, to provide feedback on PhD candidates’ work-in-progress from a broader group of academics, fellow students and experienced scholars. In this vain, the PhD Colloquium not only provides candidates opportunity to present their work to the peers, mentors and internal and external academicians, but also to network with one another in a meaningful setting for constructive scholarly exchanges. Moreover, it would contribute towards a transformative journey for PhD candidates by exposing them to fundamentals of a PhD journey including learning from others’ research, potentials of publishing out of a PhD work and collaboration for scholarly projects with experts of their filed.


The aim of this colloquium is to provide the opportunity for PhD candidates to present their PhD work-in-progress in a supportive and non-confrontational environment to a group of senior academics and peers in the field. The presentations will be attended by academics with experience in supervising and examining PhD works. It is the intention of these academics to encourage and support the candidates by providing constructive feedback. In addition, senior academics will be invited to contribute to plenary sessions discussing related to publishing PhD thesis and PhD journey sharing sessions.



The PhD Colloquium consists of different parallel sessions conducted in one day. Apart from three primary panel members who would receive the submitted reports before the session, the Q&A session will be open to all participants. 


Best Research​

In order to support and encourage sound PhD research, a best research certificate of recognition will be awarded to the selected work from each university.  


All other PhD candidates (non-presenters) are required to attend the PhD Colloquium as participants. The active participation is highly encouraged as the Q&A session will be open for PhD candidates to discuss with their peers. There is also networking opportunity to informally speak with our senior academics about their ideas to receive valuable feedback.