Academic Coaching

  • Are you struggling to find a balance between work, life and studies?

  • Feeling alone, exhausted or unmotivated in your academic journey?

  • Stressed about finishing that write-up on time?

  • Lacking support from peers and supervisors?


Academic Coaching provides a one-on-one process in supporting candidates examine their academic concerns and perceived barriers to completion and success. An academic coach supports students in developing and achieving academic goals by helping them cultivate good study habits, skills and behaviors that will contribute to success in their studies as well as research journey.

Academic coaches are here to:

  • Help you in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Assist you with setting your academic goals, learning strategies, time management, as well as acquiring organization skills, self-regulation and self-efficacy
  • Aid you in developing and maintaining good academic habits and relevant skills to ensure your progress
  • Guide you in identifying, developing, and implementing learning strategies and study skills specific to your academic needs

Academic coaching is NOT:

  • Supervision – the content and progress of your research remains solely between you and your thesis supervisor
  • Tutoring – while coaches can guide you towards the path of progress, coaches are not responsible for your research progress
  • Counselling – while coaches listen to you attentively, coaches are unable to deal with emotional issues such as depression or anxiety





Check-In Session:
Processing in the Present

*Commitment through Coaching is made between Coach and Coachee*


Full Session: Setting and Keeping Clear Intentions

RM150 per session [USD 36]


Full Session: Inviting Possibilities

RM150 per session [USD 36]


Full Session: Creating and Using a Supportive System and Structure

RM150 per session [USD 36]


Check-Out Session:
Ensuring Continuous Personal Growth


Payment Conditions

Coachees to ensure that payment is made prior to the Sessions.

Academic Coaches Profile

Dr Jesrina Ann Xavier

Dr Jesrina Ann

Dr Jesrina Ann is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Director at the Faculty of Business and Law, Taylor’s University. She completed her Masters in Management, with a First Class Honours and PhD in Entrepreneurship Development, at University of Malaya. She has been in academia for more than ten years, lecturing subjects such as Design Thinking, Venture Creation, International Business and Strategic Management. Dr Jesrina Ann is currently supervising and coaching numerous PhD candidates. She is a member at the Malaysian Institute of Management and is a Certified Professional Coach. Dr Jesrina Ann can be contacted at

Dr Feranita

Dr Feranita

Dr Feranita is a Senior Lecturer at Taylor’s Business School, Taylor’s University, Malaysia. She received her PhD from Lancaster University, UK. Prior to that, she obtained a Master of Research in Management Sciences degree from ESADE Business School, Spain, and an MBA degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her experience in mentoring postgraduate research started with Loughborough University London, UK. She currently supervises and coaches several PhD candidates at Taylor’s University. She is also a Certified Professional Coach who coaches business families and entrepreneurial startups. Dr Feranita can be contacted at

Ms Manmeet Kaur A/P Gorchan Singh

Manmeet Kaur

Manmeet Kaur is a Lecturer at the School of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business and Law of Taylor’s University. She is the Program Director for Bachelors in Team Entrepreneurship. Manmeet Kaur has been in academia for the past ten years teaching subjects such as Business Enterprise, Transnational Management and Understanding Entrepreneurialism as well as supervising entrepreneurial projects. She is currently pursuing her PhD, where her doctoral research is focused on entrepreneurial teams. She is also a Certified Professional Coach and a member at the Malaysian Institute of Management. Manmeet can be contacted at


Datin Alice Neow, PhD Candidate, Malaysia

Dr. Jesrina is the main supervisor for my PhD research. She applies the tactic of coaching in her supervision, which promotes clarity to my train of thoughts. We bounce ideas often. The questions are meant to open my mind to explore the issue in a different angle which I could not have thought of on my own. I find that to be most refreshing yet challenging. I see her as my role model. I thank you, Dr. Jesrina. 

Lala Irviana, PhD Candidate, Indonesia

My PhD journey at Taylor’s University, Malaysia started smoothly with Dr Feranita’s guidance. I am grateful for her coaching style of supervision, where she would patiently listen to my concerns and coach me on solving them step by step, at the same time generously sharing her knowledge and experience. I am motivated to complete my PhD sooner.

Kaif Razvi, Undergraduate Student, Kingdom of Lesotho

Ms Manmeet is our team coach for the Team Entrepreneurship programme. Among the most notable skills I’ve noticed from our coach Ms. Manmeet is her ability to provide structure and participative feedback. She is able to help us realise the perfect candidates for each job and provide structure to the team’s workflow. As a student, it’s a great way to continue learning and gaining mentorship from our coaches and actual industry entrepreneurs. 

Captain Faiz Kamaludin, PhD Candidate, Malaysia 

Dr. Jesrina Ann has played a pivotal role in developing the way I approach academic writing and research at a doctoral level. Her supervision, coaching and commitment are outstanding in helping me grow as a postgraduate student. I am continually learning new skills in my journey of achieving academic excellence. 

Nilantha Perera, PhD Candidate, Sri Lanka

Dr Feranita is my main supervisor for my PhD programme at Taylor’s University, where her friendly manner makes me comfortable in presenting my work to her and together we explore my research further. She backs me up continuously with supportive literature and monthly meetings. Dr Feranita gives pieces of advice and suggestions but never insists on accepting it and asks the student to explore and make the final decision. Her intelligent, objective, tolerable and kind approach in guiding a student is greatly appreciated and I believe it is my luck to have Dr Feranita as my supervisor for the PhD programme.