How and where to get ideas for publication

Learn everything you need to know on how and where to get ideas for publication in top-tier journals.


In academic, journal publication is considered as one of the fundamental activities of lecturers, researchers and students. For a research paper to be suitable for publication, it should contain original research results or a critical review of existing results. Before a paper can be accepted for publication, most journals expect the motivation of the study to be explicit, and the paper should make a significant contribution to the extant literature. Essentially, the gaps in the existing literature that the paper intends to fill should be explicitly identified and elucidated.

However, getting a new idea that can make significant contribution to the extant literature is not an easy task for many early career researchers and students. In other words, one of the challenges facing early career researchers is how and where to get ideas for publication in reputable journals. Getting a  publishable idea is complicated by the high rate of paper rejection by many reputable journals who always emphasis novelty or originality. Research papers that do not have novel ideas or innovation in terms of the issue, methodology, implication, etc are easily rejected or denied publication. Many researchers often get discouraged when their ideas expressed in research papers are rejected while the ideas of other researchers get published in top-tier journals.

Surprisingly, ideas that can form a new research paper abound everywhere ranging from published articles/book chapters, theses, conference proceedings, Newspapers, government policies, social media, latest happenings, and even interactions with friends/family members. To harness these ideas, it is necessary to effectively develop and utilize our communication skills such as reading, listening, writing and speaking. Fundamentally, good reading and listening skills will enhance the ability to spotlight publishable ideas, while a good writing skill will promote the organization of the ideas into a research paper.

Even those researchers and students who have the ideas often find it difficult to organize the ideas into publishable forms that are consistent with the structure of a research paper. In this regard, a good knowledge of a research paper (i. e. Introduction, Literature review, Methodology/data, Empirical results/discussion, and Conclusion) will enable the researcher to organize the ideas effectively. The questions: How and where can researchers get ideas for publication in top-tier journals? How can these ideas be organized into publishable forms? In this course, the trainer will share personal experience of how and where to get ideas for publication in reputable journals, as well as how to organize these ideas into publishable forms. The course will also suggest ways to overcome the challenges of transforming ideas to manuscripts that are suitable for publication.


After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Identify where to get ideas to write research papers that are suitable for publication.
  • Understand how to get ideas to write research papersthat are suitable for publication.
  • Organize ideas into research papers that are suitable for publication.


  • How to get ideas for publication
  • Where to get ideas for publication
  • How to organize ideas for publication


Kizito Uyi Ehigiamusoe

Dr. Kizito Uyi Ehigiamusoe

 I’m Kizito, a Lecturer in Taylor’s Business School, Taylor’s University Malaysia. I obtained my Ph.D from the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) under the USM Fellowship Award. I have attended several certificate courses in academic writing and Applied Econometrics. My main research areas include Financial Economics, Energy Economics, Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics. In these research areas, I have published several articles in reputable peer reviewed journals such as Applied Energy, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Journal of Policy Modelling, Energy Reports, Empirical Economics, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Economics, Singapore Economic Review, African Development Review, International Journal of Finance and Economics, etc. I also serve as a reviewer for over 30 SCI/SSCI-indexed journals such as Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Economic Systems, Journal of Asian Economics, Current Issues in Tourism, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Australian Economic Papers, International Journal of Emerging Markets, Economic Change and Restructuring, etc. Besides, I‘m an Associate Editor/Editorial Board member for 4 journals. I ‘m a recipient (Project Leader) of the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) worth MYR84200 in 2020. I’ve conducted several academic workshops/seminars/webinars for students and young career researchers on academic writing, Applied Econometrics, methodologies and research publications. I’ve assisted many students and early career researchers to learn how to write research paper for publication in top-tier journals. In this course, you’ll learn whatever you need to know about the sources of ideas for research papers, and how to organize ideas for publication in high impact journals. I’ll be with you every step of the way. Enjoy the course!


Webinar (How and where to get ideas for publication)
2 hours
Quiz (How and where to get ideas for publication)
10 questions

Dear CIRIans,

Thank you for registering this course and I hope your will enjoy the course.

Best Regards

Dr. Kizito

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How and where to get ideas for publication