How to get published in high impact journal: Tips and tricks

Dr Feranita and Dr Lin Webinar

This course aims to guide you from the fundamentals of research to publishing in high impact journals. Starting from the basics, the basic considerations for publishing in ISI journals, how ISI journals work, to strategizing to improve chances of publishing in ISI journals.

Writing a research paper for a reputable peer reviewed journal is a daunting task. As an academician, publishing in such journals not only gives you recognition but also provides satisfaction of academic achievement. It is a common desire of all the budding researchers to publish high quality research, but they often get stuck into the idea, method and the process. Researchers nowadays are putting all their efforts in learning and cramming complex formulas and software to create models or prove a hypothesis. Even after finding something unique, they face difficulty in academic writing and getting it published. Since time is the biggest constraint, most researchers give up in mid-way or they compromise for lesser quality journals. So the problem doesn’t lie with “why”, but rather the real problem is “what”, and more importantly “How to do it?” This course aims at providing an opportunity to you to learn the art of writing high quality research paper from the acclaimed experts of the field.

There are plenty of ways to get your research out into the world, from broad-scope open access journals to preprint platforms. In some instances, you may be keen to see your work published in a journal that scores highly in citation-based metrics. After all, in an age of information abundance, these metrics have become a shorthand for where to focus your limited time. However, many researchers are not aware of the assessment processes at high impact journals. Hence, this course outlines some techniques and strategies you can use to ensure your work has the best chance of finding an appropriate home.

This course is intended primarily for junior academics and doctoral candidates interested in publishing the results of their research in highly cited international research journals such as those indexed by Thomson Reuters/ Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science. The main objective of the course is to enhance your capability in writing publishable manuscripts in first-class scientific journals and to increase your knowledge and understanding of the processes of scholarly publishing. You will learn how to become an effective writer of quality papers and how to successfully navigate the process of communicating with journal editors and reviewers. Essential components of a successful paper will be presented and discussed in detail. Errors typical of inexperienced authors will be elaborated along with sound advice on how to avoid them.

Specifically, the course will answer the following questions:
1. How to ensure research rigour for high impact publication?
2. How to compose a successful title, abstract, discussion and convincing conclusions for a successful paper?
3. How to present and structure research paper effectively?
4. How to avoid manuscript being rejected?
5. How to properly construct a good literature review and a list of references?

Dr Feranita

Hi there, I am Dr Feranita. I am a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Law, Taylor’s University, Malaysia. I received my PhD from Lancaster University, UK, which was partially funded by Research and Development Management Association (RADMA) and partially sponsored by MGF Ltd, a privately owned family business in the UK. Prior to that, I obtained a Master of Research in Management Sciences from ESADE Business School, Spain, and an MBA from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. My research centres around family business, entrepreneurship, innovation, and university-industry collaboration, particularly using qualitative research method. I have published in journals such as Journal of Family Business Strategy and Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development. My publications also include family business cases in SAGE Business Cases. I have also presented my research at conferences such as the Academy of Management, US, and conferences in several other European countries. I currently supervise several PhD candidates at Taylor’s University. Should you have any queries on maximizing your potential, don’t hesitate to reach me at

Dr Lin Woon Leong

Hi there, I am Dr Woon Leong, I am a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Law, Taylor’s University. Since completing my PhD from Universiti Putra Malaysia, and my MBA from East Anglia University, UK, my research focus has been in the areas of corporate political strategy, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility. Within ethics, I explore factors influencing business and organizational ethics, and ethical behaviour. My other key research area in corporate social responsibility focuses on green environmental practices and its relationship to organizational practices and performance. I have published numerous articles in refereed journals, including journals indexed by Thomson Web of Science (SSCI) and Scopus. My publications include Business Strategy and Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, The North American Economics and Finance, Sustainability, International Journal of Economics and Management, International Financial Study, Industrial Marketing Management, Administrative Sciences, Journal of Cleaner Production, Geojournal, and Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Should you have any queries on maximizing your potential, don’t hesitate to reach me at


Webinar (How to get published in high impact journal)
3 hours
Graduation Quiz (How to get published in high impact journal)
10 questions

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How to get published in high impact journal: Tips and tricks