Participants’ Testimonials

Participants’ Testimonials

The results of our anonymous survey indicated that participants’ satisfaction level was 90%. We also have received some testimonials from our participants as shown below.

Dr Charuwan Phongpanichanan

Lecturer, Sunway University

The networking and up-to-date practical information was fantastic. BLM 2020 was a very organized conference and has created a very supportive learning community for educators. It was great to be with so many other people who are experts in their fields and share similar interests, needs, and goals. I was very pleased with the diversity of topics and jurisdictions represented by the guest speakers and presenters. The conference was very well organized and thank you for all your hard work!

Jesslyn Oi

PhD Student, SEGI University

My first experience with BLM 2020 e-conference was way beyond my expectation. The keynotes speakers who are recognised in their fields were prepared and professional. The most impactful presentation for me was by the Bloomberg chief economist Dr Tamara. The conference was well organised and all events were on scheduled. All the complementary webinars were utmost useful and educational. I was a nervous first time session presenter but the participants and moderators were supportive and gracious. I look forward to joining the next BLM conference. And would recommend to my fellow colleagues.

Hazira Mohd Nasir

PhD student, Taylor’s University

I would like to personally congratulate you on your great effort and enthusiasm in organizing the BLM 2020 e-conference and the PhD Colloquium. I’ve truly learnt a lot and had good personal experience joining both events. Thank you once again from bottom of my heart 

Daniyal Kohestani

Master’s student, Iran University of Medical Sciences

As an Iranian researcher, I would like to thank you for providing me the opportunity to present my work in this International e-conference during this challenging time. I was surprised when I realized that there is a virtual conference this year while all other conferences were postponed and in face not possible to travel. It was an innovative idea! The conference had a high level and all sessions were conducted well. Thank you again for such a wonderful conference.

Dr Sahar E-Vahdati

Senior Lecturer, Universiti Utara Malaysia

This was an excellent e-conference. It helped to get some new ideas and clear ways of moving forward. Moreover, participating in webinars was an awesome experience full of knowledge with meeting new people, and one of my favorite sections was that they are all recorded which I can refer to. Looking forward to being back.

Ester Bolt

PhD Student, Taylor’s University, Malaysia

Taylor’s Business and Law e-conference 2020 was very successful, attracting over 150 on-line attendees. The two-day e-conference consisted of parallel sessions, webinars, and a PhD Colloquium. In the parallel sessions, PhD students and academics were given the opportunity to present their on-going research. The attendees were from different disciplines, which facilitated interesting dialogue between PhD students, academics, and practitioners. Recent issues such as human capital development in developing countries, online financial trading of youth, the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on international assignments, and employee turnover, were discussed. The webinars conducted provided students and academics with tips on how to get ideas for undertaking innovative research and publishing in high quality academic journals. Furthermore, training was offered on how methodologies like meta-analysis, and research software like fsQCA, can be used in management research. During the PhD Colloquium, doctoral students of Taylor’s University were given the opportunity to present their PhD research in a supportive environment to a panel of internal and external (international) examiners. This mixture of participants provided students with constructive feedback on their work in progress from experts in their field of research. Overall, attending Taylor’s Business and Law e-conference was a valuable and rewarding experience!