ISSN: 2232-0172 (Online)
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  • Shared Values of E-Recruitment Portal: Determinant Factors of Job-Seekers’ Intention to use Job Portals
    Munjarin Rahman & Aradhana Patra
  • Grooming Products Purchase Intention: Using the Value-Attitude-Behaviour Model
    Thivashini B. Jaya Kumar, Tang Renee, Goh See Kwong, Yip Kwok Keong, Foong Chee Haur & Nan Jiang
  • The Effect of Logistics Capabilities, Inter-Firm Relationships, and Intra-Firm Resources on Logistics Performance: An Empirical Study of Chinese Logistics
    Liang Hua, Filzah Md. Isa & Li Jie
  • Weaving ICT Tools and Sustainability to Diversify Human Resource Management Practices
    Teck Choon Teo
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    Ramya Ranee
  • Factors Discriminating Millennials’ Preference of E-learning Platforms: Moodle versus the rest of LMSs
    Saakshi Rai
  • Addressing E-wallet Adoption among Malaysians
    Kyelene Chiew Pei Yi & Serene Perera
Table Of Contents
  • Influence of Environmental Awareness, Education, Government Policies & Regulation and Social Influence on Anti-Plastic Bags Usage Behaviour of Consumers
    Cassandra Yin Yin Law, Jingjing Zhao & Pek Peng Lim
  • New Media and Political Participation in Malaysia: Impacts and Limitations
    Nurul Saadatun Nadiah Mohd Ngah & Maheran Mohamed
  • Finance Shared Services Organizations in Malaysia: A Knowledge Management View
    Leong Choong Yee
Table Of Contents
  • Why Effective Corporate Governance Matters
    Shafi Mohamad
  • Board Governance and Firm Performance: the Sri Lankan case
    Arulvel Kandasamy & Pratheepkanth Puwanenthiren
  • The Influence of Self-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence on Motivated Strategies for Learning among Undergraduate Students in a Public Higher Education
    Fatimah Banu Jahan Khir, Mardhiah Shaari, Aziah Ismail & Shaian Kiumarsi
Table Of Contents
  • A survey of capital budgeting techniques used by Australian firms.
    Pratheepkanth Puwanenthiren & Premkanth Puwanenthiren
  • The Predicting Role of Attitude and Subjective Norms on Youth Intention to Pursue Music Education in Malaysia.
    Dr. Nurlida Ismail & Jyne Lim
  • Competency Gap and Coping Strategies of Academic Leaders at Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia.
    Leow Yen Mee, Irene Ong Pooi Fong, Nurlida Ismail, Faizah Mohamad, Abu Bakar Ibrahim & Vahideh Abaeian
  • The influences of company’s size and past year’s dividend information to the public listed companies in Malaysia.
    Mau G May & Nathrah Yacob
  • Internal Factors For New Venture Growth In Malaysian Manufacturing SMEs: An Empirical Study.
    M.V. Deepa & Gandhinathan Annamalai
Table Of Contents
  • Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Malaysian Audit Committees in Performing their Roles.
    Khalifa Salim Kituku & Asmadee Ahmad
  • A Critical Success Factors model for Business Process implementation.
    Alison Parkes
  • The Relationship between the Level of Financial Literacy and Investment Decision-Making among the Millennials in Malaysia.
    Nurul Afiqah Ahmad Sabri
  • The Determinants of Inflation: An ASEAN Perspective .
    Teoh Edward & Malarvilly Ramayah
  • The Association between Equity Value and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Presence of Tax Planning: The Case of Industrial Product Companies.
    Tye Wei Ling, Nor Shaipah Abdul Wahab & Subramaniam Pillay
Table Of Contents
  • Analysis of Corporate Governance Disputes in the Russian Context: A Case Study of TNK-BP.
    Roman Stepanov & Philip Shrives
  • The Relationship between Leadership, Span of Control and the Mediating Effect of Attitude toward Switching Agency and Job Satisfaction: A Case of Unit Trust Agents in Johor Bahru.
    Chin Swee Kwan, Filzah Md Isa & Cheng Wei Hin
  • Economic Determinants of Non-performing Loans (NPLs) in Ugandan Commercial Banks.
    Nanteza Haniifah
  • Promoting OSHA at Higher Institutions: Assessment of Level of Safety Awareness among Laboratory Users.
    Zitty Sarah Ismail, Kadir Arifin & Kadaruddin Aiyub
  • Declining Poverty Rate and Widening Income Gap in Indonesia & Brazil.
    Siti Soraya Iskandar & Rabi’ah Abd Rahman
Table Of Contents
  • Does the Shadow Economy Matter for Tourism? International Evidence
    H.D. Badariah, Muzafar Shah Habibullah & A.H. Baharom
  • Impact of Ethnocentrism on Interethnic Interactions among Local Students in Malaysian Universities
    Somayeh Mortazavi Ganji Ketab, Ezhar Tamam, Jusang Bolong & Saeed Pahlevan Sharif
  • Unexplained Volume and After-Market Divergence of Opinion of Fixed Price IPOs
    Cheedradevi Narayanasamy & Mamunur Rashid
  • ASEAN Financial Market Integration – A Rainbow on the Horizon?
    Chung Tin Fah & M. Ariff
  • Predicting Intention of Mobile Internet Usage in Malaysia: Extending the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology
    Marzieh Zendehdel & Laily Hj Paim
Table Of Contents
  • The Investigation of the Efficient Market Hypothesis: Evidence from an Emerging Market
    Ali Saeedi, Seyed Reza Miraskari & Mehrdad Sadr Ara
  • Narcissism, Self-esteem, Communication Apprehension, and Need for Affiliation: Difference between Social Networking Site Users and Non-users
    Ashraf Sadat Ahadzadeh, Saeed Pahlevan Sharif, Khong Kok Wei & Hossein Emami
  • Economic Growth Volatility and Resource Curse: The Role of Financial Development
    Maryam Moradbeigi & Siong Hook Law
  • Crime and Police Personnel in Malaysia: An Empirical Investigation
    Muzafar Shah Habibullah, A.H. Baharom & Suriyani Muhamad
  • Parity and Non-Parity Determinants of Exchange Rates in Latin American Economies
    Catherine S. F. Ho & M. Ariff
Table Of Contents
  • Information Accessibility in the Selection of Information Sources in Higher Education: the Relevance of Marketer-Controlled Sources
    Nurlida Ismail
  • The Impact of Technological Change within the Malaysian Manufacturing Industry
    Sumitha Ganesharatnam
  • Malaysia’s Central Bank Response Post 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
    Tin-Fah Chung & M. Ariff
  • The Effect of Exogenous Oil Supply Shocks on Major ASEAN Countries
    Amir Ranjbar & Saeed Pahlevan Sharif
  • The Influence of the Big Five Personality Traits on Social Enterprise Start-up Intentions: A Peruvian Case
    Susy Caballero, Rosa María Fuchs, María Angela Prialé & Joyce Koe Hwee Nga
  • Building Cultural Intelligence within Multinational Teams with Cross-Cultural Training: Experiences from an Evaluation Research
    Martin Goerlich
Table Of Contents
  • Macroeconomic Variables and Equity Market: Evidence from Pakistan
    Aftab Khan
  • Human Capital and Economic Growth: Secondary School of High School?
    Shalini N., Baharom A.H., Harpaljit Kaur, Muzaffar Shah Habibullah & Rossita Mohd. Yunus
  • Social Networking Sites: Segmenting Young Users on Motivations
    M. S. Balaji
  • What Woman Want: Female Portrayal in UK Advertising
    Elmira Djafarova & Lauren Wilkinson
  • Toolism: A New Philosophy of Social Science in Business Research
    Choy Leong Yee
  • Analysing Student Satisfaction in the Malaysian Private Educational Environment
    Mazirah Yusoff & Fraser McLeay
Table Of Contents
  • Impact of Brand Equity on Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia
    Vincent Wee E.K & Thinavan Periyayya
  • Why People Go to Shopping Malls – An Exploration and Segmentation of Shopping Malls in Thailand
    Sarinya Laisawat & Shannon R.
  • Role of Russian Courts in the Resolution Process of Reported Corporate Disputes
    Stepanov R. & Shrives P.
  • Factors Affecting Consumer Attitude towards Social Network Advertising in Malaysia
    Kee David H.C. & Goh S.K.
  • How Financial Crisis Affect Stock Returns: Malaysian Evidence
    Nafis Alam
  • Impact of Product Placements on Generating e-Word of Mouth: Moderating Influence of Prominent versus Subtle Placements
    Yeoh K.K., Manmeet Kaur & Ameet Pandit
Table Of Contents
  • The Impact of Mood on Sport Celebrity Credibility Evaluation
    R.Venkatesakumar & S. Sundar
  • Examining the Relationship Between Visual Merchandising and Apparel Impulse Buying among Young Malaysian Consumers
    Jeannot Abdul Karim, Sofiah Abd Rahman & Mukesh Kumar
  • Green Marketing: Exploring Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Green Products in Malaysia
    Lee Kim Lian & See Siew Ling
  • Beeronomics: A Time Series Analysis of Consumer Behaviour in the Beer Market in Malaysia
    R. Ratneswary V. Rasiah, A.H. Baharom, Wilson Ow Chee Seong & Muzafar Shah Habibullah
  • Corporate Malaysia Is Heavily Engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility Activities. Are Consumers Aligned to These Engagements?
    Thinavan Periyayya, G. Velayuthan Nair, Raduan Sharif Zachary Roland Anthony, Thanaseelan Rajasakaran & Vincent Wee Eng Kim
  • Non-Muslim Response to Ar-Rahnu (Islamic Pawn Broking) Services
    Amirul Afif Muhamat, Hardi Emrie Rosly & Mohamad Nizam Jaafar
Table Of Contents
  • Determinants of the Relationship between Firm Leverage and Cash Flow: Evidence from Malaysian Companies
    Marina Mustapha & Ng Huey Chyi
  • Financial Integration and International Capital Mobility: Evidence from ASEAN
    Muzafar Shah Habibullah, Sarinder Kumari & Baharom, A.H.
  • Firm Heterogeneity and Trade Barriers – Analysis of India’s Trade
    Archana Srivastava, Bikash Ranjan Mishra & Somesh Kumar Mathur
  • Measuring Service Quality in Luxury Hotels in Malaysia
    Abaeian, V. & Khong, K. W.
  • Using Conjoint Analysis to Establish Consumer Preferences for Prawns in Malaysia
    Ahmad Hanis Izani Abdul Hadi, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Alias Radam & Jinap Selamat
  • Adoption of Islamic Banking Products and Services among Non-Muslim Consumers in Malaysia
    Liew C. S. & Leong K.W.
Table Of Contents
  • Financial Characteristics of Chinese and Thai Listed Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
    Kanitsorn Terdpaopong and Patrick Hutchinson
  • The Post-Crisis World: Can Asia’s Outperformance Be Sustained?
    Richard A. Iley and Mervyn K. Lewis
  • Foreign Exchange Rate Exposure of an Emerging Market: The Case of Indonesia
    Mansor H. Ibrahim and Baharom Abdul Hamid
  • R&D Expenditure and Firm Performance: A Study of the Electrical and Electronics Industry in India
    Pramod Kumar Naik, K. Narayanan and Puja Padhi
  • The Nature of Collective Entrepreneurship
    Noora Rantanen, Iiro Jussila and Sanjay Goel
  • Dining 24/7: Exploring Factors Influencing Malaysians to Dine at ‘Mamak’ Hawker Stalls
    Joseph Guo Shyong Wong and Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore